jeudi 4 juillet 2013

Montreal City Hall 2013...

by Bernard Bujold ( - 
A new candidate for mayor of Montreal has joined the race and this is Marcel Côté. 
One should attend a three-way race with Richard Bergeron as the third candidate against Denis Coderre. Candidate Mélanie Joly does not seem to take off and if the rumor is true that the publisher Michel Brûlé will announce his candidacy next week, it will only be an amusing distraction in the campaign... 
Marcel Côté is the most serious candidate to date and he is supported by some very important people from Montreal but who are wanting to stay out of the race. Marcel Côté is the character forefront for the movement: "Anybody but Coderre" .
To be continued... 
Photo 1: City Hall of Montreal;
Photo 2: Marcel Côté and Denis Coderre (inset);
See story La Presse;

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