samedi 29 mai 2010 and the Internet

In recent months, continued its migration to the Internet, cloud computing and its integration on various social or private mass media website around the world. We have also collaborated on several Internet projects, including the photography project “Moment in Times – The New York Times (LENS). is particularly active on Facebook, Google Blogs, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and MySpace, in addition to publishing material online at the official site, which became a sort of permanent base to gather all the comments posted on our various social sites, like a hub airport which handles all central communications. You can view a list of web links to each social sites to the following address: See links to social sites
Summer 2010 at is the one of the Internet and more than ever we are present everywhere on the planet …
Photo: Bernard Bujold published in The New York Times at the Moment in Times Project (LENS). Photo title: MORNING RISE AT CIRQUE DU SOLEIL IN OLD MONTREAL

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