samedi 17 novembre 2012


By Bernard Bujold ( - 
The 35th Salon du livre de Montreal welcomes readers until Monday, November 19. More than 1700 writers are on site and they meet their readers. Among them we see stars like Kathy Reichs, Bishop Christian Lépine, Janette Bertrand, Denis Monette, Alain Lefèvre, Louise Penny, photographer Charles-Henri Debeur, Michelle Blanc and many others. But the real star of the show in 2012 is once again this year Kathy Reichs whose popularity is no doubt. You should have seen the line of fans outside his booth asking for a signature or photo while the author Denise Bombardier installed beside watched Kathy with a touch of envy... 
Also to notice at the Salon 2012 is the official guide published by La Presse. This 2012 guide will become a collector's item, or good for the trash, because the date on the cover is wrong and mentions that the show runs from November 16 to 21 when it ends November 19th... 
Photo 1: POSTER the Montreal Book Fair 2012;
Photo 2: Bishop Christian Lépine; Photo 3: Kathy Reichs and Denise Bombardier;
Photo 4: Kathy Reichs;
Photo 5: Guide Book Fair;
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