jeudi 9 mai 2013


by Bernard Bujold ( - 
Julie Payette is the new Director of the Montreal Science Centre. She will took office on July 15. In a sense, she will replace Claude Benoit but without responsibility for land of the Old Port. An interesting idea! 
Questioned on the subject, the direction of the Canada Lands Company said he is creating a new post. "The post of Director of the Science Center is a new job within the Canada Lands Company, while Payette will be no substitute to another person. Activities and land the Old Port will report to the future Vice President of the Canada Lands Company, and again, a new position. " 
Among the criticisms of the management by the former director Claude Benoit, there was a trip to Florida to attend the launch of a shuttle into space with Julie Payette aboard... It is said that Julie was a good friend of the Centre for Science and of Madame Benoit... 
That Julie will take control of a part of the old ship of Claude Benoit feels like a story in Star Trek! The story does not say whether the two commanders are still friends? 
Stay tuned! 
Photo 1, 2: Julie Payette;
Photo 3: Julie Payette, Jean-René Dufort and Claude Benoit;
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