lundi 17 juin 2013

The city of Montreal is in flames...

By Bernard Bujold ( -
One solution for the city of Montreal: we must find a JOHN WAYNE to save the town from the bandits? 
The situation is very critical and no serious solution in sight because, unfortunately, there is no lone cowboy coming to save citizens... The November elections may be very disappointing as currently none of the potential candidates is up to the challenge! 
There should be a candidate of the caliber of Serge Ménard to head the city of Montreal. Is he interested? That is the question? So far, a dozen serious candidates were approached from Gaétan Frigon, Lise Bissonnette to Gilbert Rozon but no one has agreed to run for mayor. 
To be continued... 
Photo 1 and 2: John Wayne, Michael Applebaum, Gérald Tremblay and Denis Coderre;
Photo 3: City of Montreal and Serge Ménard;
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