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By Bernard Bujold ( ) -
There is less than a month before the deadline of October 4, 2013 to present his candidacy for mayor of Montreal. However, everything seems to indicate that the choice of electors at the election of November 3, should be between the current four candidates leading the race: Denis Coderre, Marcel Coté, Richard Bergeron and Mélanie Joly. 
The organizers of these four candidates have all approached me for my support, except for the group of Richard Bergeron... 
In the case of Mélanie Joly, I would gladly support her except it does not have , according to me, a serious organization and obviously she will not be elected mayor. I like to think that my vote will be used to make the candidate win and will not be a sword in the water. 
In the case of Denis Coderre, this is a case of personal conscience. I know Coderre by indirect through the public relations firm of Claude Boulay and Diane Deslauriers who worked for Coderre at the time of the famous sponsorship by the government of Jean Chrétien and the Gomery Commission. I was holding around the couple Boulay at the time and in my conscience, I can not vote for Denis Coderre. 
Then comes the case of Marcel Côté. It is obvious that man is supported by a very serious and powerful but discreet coalition. The coalition wants to do everything to prevent Coderre to become the next mayor and chose Marcel Côté as their chief mission. I would have supported him until the day I discovered by pure chance that her publicist is someone I 've had problems in the past particularly connected to my brief stint in Quebec as press Secretary in the government of Bernard Landry. The publicist in question and me know each other since my time at Quebecor . She was at National with Luc Beauregard as a public relations consultant. I met her directly at Quebec National Assembly in 2002 , when she was among the press officers for a government minister after his work with National and Luc Beauregard. In my case, after the negative pressure put forward by Luc Beauregard and people a his firm to Bernard Landry , I have been stationed in Quebec only one day before being thanked for my service in the afternoon with a check for one month's salary ... and an apology from the chief of staff telling me that she was very confident in my skills but do not have the political choice to keep me on her team. The world is small, too small! I find this press officer of 2002 now with Marcel Côté in 2013... 
It is obvious that I will never vote for the candidate backed by a former adviser of Luc Beauregard ! 
It remains for me Richard Bergeron that I do not know, neither none of the organizers are known to me and no one of his organizing team has approached me for support. By a combination of elimination, however, it is for Richard Bergeron, to date, who will get my vote for mayor of Montreal on November 3. Unless a new and miraculous candidate makes its entry into the race, but I do not really believe in miracles... 
Long live to the unknown candidate! 
To be continued!
Photo 1: Marcel Côté, Denis Coderre, Mélanie Joly and Richard Bergeron;
Photo 2: Richard Bergeron;
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