lundi 23 décembre 2013

VITO RIZZUTO (1946-2013)

Bernard Bujold ( ) -
The international Godfather of the Montreal Italian Mafia is dead following pulmonary sickness this morning Monday, Dec. 23 at the hospital. 
The event concludes the legend that was Vito Rizzuto. In a sense, we do not expect a character and warrior like Rizzuto to died by a natural cause rather than dramatically in combat as his father Nick Rizzuto. One could say that his exit from the scene has been " anticlimax ". 
Or maybe his enemies have poisoned him with a secret virus that caused lung disease... 
Vito Rizzuto was the alleged leader of the criminal mafia but it was not the true representation of the Paccino role in Coppola's films. The real godfather, like in the film, is still alive and lives richly in Montreal. 
No, I will not tell you his name but he really is... 
Photo 1 and 2: Vito Rizutto ;
Photo 3: Nick Rizzuto ;
Photo 4 : Bernard Bujold ( and biography Rizzuto);
See story La Presse ;

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