dimanche 23 mars 2014


Bernard Bujold ( LeStudio1.com ) - 
Several friends from my old life at Quebecor ask me why I do not support the Parti Québécois ? I will be going out again with the tape that I replay since 1998 to answer the question... 
I am a journalist by training and I started my career with René Lévesque in 1976 when I was a correspondent in the National Assembly of Quebec. I am also born in Gaspésie in a village close by to the New Carlisle of René Lévesque... 
To make a long story short, in 1991 I became the assistant to the president at Quebecor, Pierre Peladeau, and I remained there until his death on December 24, 1997. 
My main achievement was ​​to remake the public image of Peladeau, which in 1991 had a very serious problems of perception while all Jewish community of Canada and Quebec boycotted Peladeau because he has said that they took up too much space in society and that, in a sense, he admired Hitler. The magazine L'Actualité was at the center of the controversy. 
In the period two years, with a clear communication plan, I replaced the image of the president of Quebecor which he was later and still today, perceived as the number one businessmen in Quebec, a creator of jobs and the legend that we know. ( The speech line about economists and the non- job creation used today by PKP is from me, in 1991 ... ) 
Immediately after the death of Pierre Peladeau in December 1997, I was fired by the new guard at Quebecor despite my desire to remain within the empire. The then new president Jean Neveu flatly refused to keep me aboard saying he did not want me because I represented too much memory and the character that Pierre Peladeau had been ! " He wanted to make a" new " Quebecor ..." 
You can read more of the story in detail in the biographical book I wrote in 2003 and which is still available for download at: http://www.lestudio1.com/PierrePeladeau.html 
I never speak again to Pierre- Karl Peladeau in person since 1997 but I did not hang around either. Life went on, for him, for Quebecor as for me. Our playgrounds were simply different and distant. 
Am I a separatist ? The answer is that I'm apolitical. 
I support ideas and especially the men and women I admire. I admired Pierre Peladeau as a media mogul, I admired René Lévesque as a politician, but I also admired Pierre Trudeau for the brightness of his mind or Conrad Black for his talent also as newspaper magnate. 
Do I admire Pauline Marois? Obviously not ! 
No need to make a trial or a debate about it. I simply do not share her worldview or behavior. 
My philosophy is, however, live and let live! Pauline plays her game and has the right to live. 
On the political front, the voters will decide and I, like all others, have the right to one vote that I will give to another party, which I will decide by April 7. 
But one thing is certain, on the morning of April 8, life will continue for all: for Pauline and his troops as for Quebecor or as for me. 
Good vote! 
Photo 1: Pierre Peladeau, Bernard Bujold and Lucien Bouchard ( Saguenay Lac St- Jean 1996);
Photo 2: René Lévesque ( by Bernard Bujold - 1986);
Photo 3 : Pauline Marois ;
See biography Pierre Peladeau ;

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