vendredi 3 avril 2015


By Bernard Bujold (leStudio1) - 
The series The Dovekeepers with Cote de Pablo presented on CBS (March 31 and April 1, 2015) will have proved that de Pablo is greater than one role as an actress. The loved and strong TV character of Ziva David on NCIS was identified closely with Cote de Pablo and when she left the series, some critics thought that it will be the end of it all. The series survived and so de Pablo. The story of her new character in The Dovekeepers was about love, women power and war in 70 A.D. between the Roman Army and the Jewish rebels in Masada. The series was more about love than war and Cote de Pablo succeeded perfectly in her role. 
For those interested in the story of Masada, the novel tell more than the TV series. This ancient village of Masada, the former summer retreat of King Herod, is today one of the most important tourist attractions in Israel, after the City of Jerusalem which however hold inside its wall the historical starting point for three distinct religions: Jewish, Christians and Muslin. Masada is fully part of the Jewish history, even if some historians argue that the Jewish rebels did not suicided themselves in Masada as the legend tell it but many Jewish people believe this historical event very much. 
But the most important for now is to congratulate Cote de Pablo and welcome her back in the business of TV and acting. 
Photo 1: Book cover of The Dovekeepers;
Photo 2,3,4 and 5: Images from the TV Series;
Photo 6: Cote de Pablo;

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