mercredi 3 juin 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) -
Lucien Rémillard managed another good move by selling Hotel Le St-James in Montreal for 24 million$ to property developer Vincent Chiara who for its part signed a long term lease for the restaurant and the hotel with the KEG Restaurant owner David Aisenstat of Vancouver. Remillard had purchased the building (a former bank) for $ 2 million in 1999 and he had converted it to boutique hotel with the help of his wife at the time. 
The hotel was more or less anonymous among the other small boutique hotels in Old Montreal until the day the Rolling Stones had wanted to rent an entire floor of the famous Ritz for their visit to Montreal. The Ritz had refused, saying he had no room because of renovations and had rather suggested to address a small fledgling boutique hotel located in Old Montreal, St. James. Remillard had seized the opportunity and offered his whole hotel to the English group. 
The hotel legend then took birth and the rest is history...
Photo 1: Lucien Rémillard and Hotel St-James;
Photo 2, 3, 4 and 5: Hotel St-James Montreal;

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