samedi 4 juillet 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
Nadia Comaneci, the great Olympic champion who has marked the history of the 1976 Olympics, returns to Montreal July 9, 2015 for the inauguration of the Canada Olympic House. 
Nadia lives in the United States with her husband and former gymnast Bart Conner, and their nine year old son, for several years but she never forgot Montreal. 
She also often ask herself the question, that some might call existential. Why after so many years (39 years), the world he still remembers my exploits? Why moments ultimately so short in time, mark a life and become enrolled in the history?  
"What surprises me most after all these years is that people still remember it, she says. How, then, can people remember something that happened 39 years ago? Now it all makes me realize that time passes and I imagine having accomplished something very big for people to remember it much. Yet there is so many things that happen only once in life. But there must be something special in what I did to it is fixed in people's memory. " 
The reverse is also true in some cases, certain short failures will mark forever the history. Finally, it is a fully existential issue and there is no answer! Better to accept the gift of fate... Congratulations to Nadia and welcome back to Montreal! We love you all very much!
Photos 1-6: Nadia Comaneci;

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