jeudi 31 décembre 2015


by Bernard Bujold - 
The December 31, 2015 is a day of mourning for the city of Montreal... 
Indeed, it is the publication of the last edition of the daily newspaper La Presse on paper. Montreal will never be the same without the daily presence of the newspaper La Presse which was somewhat an institution like The New York Times is for the city of New York. 
I had several friends who were leaders at this newspaper in print including Claude Masson and Michel Roy. I also knew his buyer owner, Paul Desmarais. I had the pleasure and privilege to photograph him several times. The last time was during his funeral at the Notre Dame Basilica ... Some say that Paul Desmarais would have never ended LA PRESSE in paper? We will never know the answer except that the newspaper has only ceased publication in print after his death... 
Picture 1: Bernard Bujold and La Presse December 31, 2015;
Pictures 2, 3 and 4: La Presse building;
Picture 5: Paul Desmarais Sr.;

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