mercredi 9 novembre 2016


By Bernard Bujold -
I was confident that Donald Trump would win the Presidency of United States since June 2015, and I was writing about it on my Facebook page since then. 
I am a very happy man about the victory of Donald Trump as it is also the victory of the Positive thinking philosophy, a philosophy in which I am a firm believer since my teenage days. The basic of the Positive thinking philosophy is simple: "If you could think it, you could also do it. " 
All my personal life has been lived according to the Positive thinking philosophy. 
This philosophy was inspired during the 1950 by the lates Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Robert H. Schuller and, after them, by all those business leaders from Ray Crock (McDonald) to Steve Jobs (Apple), Frank Stronach (Magna International), Paul Desmarais (Power Corporation) or Pierre Peladeau (Quebecor); as well as by many others. 
I started observing Donald Trump in the late 1970 as a young journalist and if we share both this same philosophy of Positive thinking, we also share many other ideas about life and about our society. 
Donald Trump's victory as the new President of the United States will be a source of new inspiration to the whole world: "You could change things and yes it is possible to achieve one vision." In Donald Trump own words: " Since you will be thinking anyway, so why not thinking big and about winning?" 
On a personal level, Donald Trump remember me of two close mentor and friend that I had in my life. The first is Brian Mulroney and his electoral campaign in 1984 was similar in momentum to the one of Donald in 2016. The second mentor and friend was Pierre Péladeau and I consider Donald Trump to be a very similar individual with both a very generous human soul. 
Long live the new President of the United States: DONALD J. TRUMP! 
I am very proud to be a fan and a believer in Donald Trump, since the beginning. 

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