mardi 7 février 2017


By Bernard Bujold - 
Since many years I was a fan of newspapers. What was I looking for in them? Discoveries, news about the world, seriousness and facts. 
The Wall Street Journal was at one point in the past the best newspapers for its features stories. It was in the 80... 
Today, almost all newspapers are ideas paper. Too much editorial and not enough news. 
I checked the New York Times over the last month and every day one could find 5 or 6 stories regarding Donald Trump, but stories, of course, all against him... In the past the NYT was middle of the road and his Sunday magazine was one of the best. 
In Canada (Quebec), we have the same situation! One look at Le Devoir and you understand that this is an opinion newspaper... 
Conclusion: I have stopped my reading of newspapers and try instead to get the news by a balancing act on my computer taking in as many inputs as possible and making myself a head by diluting and mixing in the middle. 
The best sources: Facebook and Instagram! 
The best part of it: it is also free for the user...

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