jeudi 17 août 2017


By Bernard Bujold- 
The title of the book is not attractive but the book will definitely become a classic in the same category as George Orwell's 1984 novel. 
 "THE MANDIBLES - A FAMILY 2029-2047" by Lionel Shriver is available in French but it was written in English. ​Shriver is the author of the book: "WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN". 
The book Les Mandibles is perfectly related to the current political situation as much at the level of the Haitian migrants in Quebec as at the violence of Charlottesville in the United States. The novel ​The Mandibles ​begins with a reference ​to ​the landmark election in the history of the ​United States ​of the American President ​that was elected in​ the year 2016 (presumably it is Donald Trump...) but immediately the action of the book is transported in 2029 where the newly elected American President is of Latino race and he was not born in the United States (the Constitution was amended to allow it). 
The US is financially heavily indebted to China and the new President decides to declare the country bankrupt and not repay the debt to China. For that to be done, the President closes all the American borders and he prohibits all the citizens to leave out of the country ​with m​​ore than 100 $... 
To make a short story, let's say that the United States​ of the Shriver's book​ becomes like the country that Orwell described in 1984 but with less fiction and more reality​ to the story. As an example, Americans no longer need to complete a tax report because a mini chip is embedded in all US citizens and these chips are connected directly with the Government of Washington. 
A small group of Americans revolt and decide to create a new small independent country, a kind of new territory without law and tax. 
But after a few years, it is the return to square one because this new country must also create and implement laws and a tax on income. 
Conclusion: the history of the world is repeated continually from one generation to the next without, in the end, nothing new and no real changes between the present and the past except technology... 
Shriver's book makes us better "relativize" the true importance of the political debates of the hour, whether one is in the United States, Quebec or elsewhere in the world. 
A book to read! 

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