lundi 11 juin 2018


By Bernard Bujold - 
The society in 2018 is polarized in an extreme way but a look at the history of the world shows us that it has always been like this since the beginning of time... 
A Quebec example is the frequent criticism of the Maurice Duplessis era in Quebec. Yet the populist Duplessis was the savior of Quebecers from the profiteers of the system by Alexandre Tachereau and his friends. 
In the United States, I started following politics with Reagan. The period against Russia is similar to today with Korea. Reagan is said to have dropped the Berlin Wall. Later the non-populist period of George Bush and Sadam / Kadafi was the worst that the United States has experienced as a failure. 
As for Donald Trump, I still think he will bring the world back to a democratic equilibrium. Populism is also democracy. It is when populism becomes political power that we fall back into abuses of power and deep states, clans and small personal empires. The Clinton, Obama, Trudeau, Charest, Marois, and Gerald Tremblay are far from populism, but we have seen during their time what are situations of abuse of the system by politicians elected to power for too long. 
Personally, I continue to be happy at heart whenever I think of the presence of Donald at the United States Presidency. And as the soul is a state always very personal... everyone must have his own convictions otherwise he will know the sadness of the soul! 

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