vendredi 20 août 2010

Fans are tired at the Montreal Rogers Cup 2010

The Edition 2010 of the tennis Rogers Cup in Montreal will not be the tournament of the century. There seems to be a fatigue among Montreal fans to this sport and if all tickets are sold, the stands are rarely full and we do not notice many famous people in the stands.
The festive atmosphere of previous years is clearly not there, and even stands installed on the site looks more like a flea market rather than a tribute to tennis.
Fortunately, the house announcer at the Stadium is excellent, the best in town, Winston McQuade!
And then there's also the Belgian champion player Kim Clijsters who is favorite to win the tournament ... (It's her on the picture)
Hopefully she will make it to the final on Sunday! (She was defeated Friday afternoon...)
See full photo album at the Stadium ;
See article (French) La Presse

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