lundi 2 août 2010

The next Prime Minister of Canada...

Today (August 2) is the birthday of Bob Rae. (Top photo)
It will be recalled that this former Prime Minister of Ontario had given way to Michael Ignatieff for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada and everything seems indicated that this choice was a mistake. According to polls, Ignatieff fails at endearing himself to Canadians and Stephen Harper seems to be firmly installed for at least another mandate. Many political observers are convinced that Bob Rae would be a better choice for reversing the Conservative government in Ottawa and some liberal activists are trying to convince him to take the place of Ignatieff that they would force him to resign before the next election. To be continued...
Happy Birthday Rae!
Top photo: Bob Rae
Photo Center: Michael Ignatieff and his campaign bus;
Bottom photo: Laureen and Stephen Harper on vacation.
See website of Bob Rae

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