samedi 9 avril 2011

The case of Bertrand Cantat - Conclusion

Bernard Bujold ( knows the TNM and Lorraine Pintal. He often participated at activities of fundraising and he even has a brick to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the TNM in his library.
Bernard Bujold, however, was against the participation of Bertrand Cantat at the TNM and he call him a murderer. He welcomed the cancellation of his visit to Canada.
"Lorraine Pintal is a competent woman and she is passionate about the theater. Perhaps sometimes too passionate, but if I have a complaint to make it to the board of directors who should have refused from the outset of participation of Cantat. The council consists of leaders of Quebec society, including Pierre Alary from Bombardier who is president , Claude Corbo, from UQAM is the vice-president, and Jean-Pierre Belhumeur, a renowned lawyer with Stikeman Elliott is secretary. Director Lorraine Pintal suggest artistic choices but it is the board that accepts and makes them official. A theater like the TNM is very fragile and can not base its decisions solely on art. This theater is largely funded and must, therefore, be prudent in his artistic choices.
Moreover, at the risk of being characterized as a person from the right, I do not think the murderer of Marie Trintignant is welcome on the art scene in Quebec and we must respect both the memory of the murdered woman and the feelings of her family members. I recommend the excellent book by the mother of Marie Trintignant about the murder of her daughter (Ma fille, Marie). "
Picture 1: Lorraine Pintal ;
Picture 2: Book cover by Nadine Trintignant ;
Picture 3: Bernard Bujold -

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