dimanche 3 avril 2011

Election in Canada - The first week

The first week of the Canadian election campaign is over.
Appraisal: Stephen Harper continues to lead in the polls even if Michael Ignatieff impressed by his poise and his confidence. The vote of 2 May could well be the status quo that existed before the election and a Conservative minority government.
Note that the five-week campaign will cost $ 300 million which means that $ 60 million is being spent and a remaining $ 240 million is in the till ...
Televised debates are likely to be the turning point of this campaign. The debate in English will be held on April 12 and the one in French on April 14. A recent survey tell that 43% of Canadians do not intend to go voting.
To be continued ... /
Photo 1: Stephen Harper - Dieppe, N.B.;
Photo 2: Michael Ignatieff;
Photo 3: Gilles Duceppe;

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