mercredi 13 juillet 2011

The birth of a new generation of journalists...

One might think that we live the beginning of a new era where journalistic integrity and the truth will take preference beyond the manipulation and control of the publishers.
The new generation of journalists do not accept the criteria put forward by the leadership in place and the proof is the resignation a young reporter aged 24 on CTV (Kai Nagata) and that the announcement of his resignation has been around the world. The reason: he did not accept the control of information as practiced by major media groups. If we added this to other events such as the closure of the News of the World, secret publications by Julian Assange, the popularity of journalism practiced by people like Anderson Cooper or reductions in the budgets of the major media like the CBC or Le Journal de Montreal, one must to understand that the world of information will never be the same.
To be continued ...

Photo 1: Kai Nagata;;
Photo 2: Anderson Cooper;
Photo 3: Assange;
Photo 4: Rupert Murdoch;
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