mardi 5 juillet 2011

A story of singer and her entourage ...

The author and former arts journalist now advertiser Benoit L'Herbier draws attention these days for the music show Le Petit Roy based on songs by Jean-Pierre Ferland. L'Herbier also publishes at the same time, his first novel he wanted in the form of a thriller.
This book will be of interest Celine and Rene ...
Although the back cover guides, falsely, the action to Michael Jackson, the story brings us closer to the couple Celine Dion and René Angelil and Sony Music.
No Montreal journalist has yet noticed this angle especially since a lot of media promotion is made for his music play at the expense of his novel but the book itself is offering under the guise of fiction, speculation in several directions.
According to Bernard Bujold: "I came across this book completely by chance as neither the cover nor the title are truly representative of the content.
But I had no books to read and I noticed the interview in Le Devoir Saturday (July 2) with Benoit L'Herbier, where he spoke vaguely of his novel about the music industry in Quebec. As I have worked closely in that environment in the past , I thought that this book would be excellent for my vacation.
The work of L'Herbier is very well researched in terms of technical details related to the music industry and we recognize that the author is very familiar with the environment. If there is no mysterious riddle worthy of the great detective to discover while reading it is the detailed description of the characters which become "attractive". The question is, how far his descriptions
are true!
A reading for the beach or the boat ... "

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