mardi 25 octobre 2011

The book of Steve Jobs...

Steve Jobs's book is wonderful!
The photo of the inside cover was taken in 2004 when Steve is in his personal office at home.
The book sells for $ 25 in English and French versions will be available Wednesday (Oct. 26) except that it will sell $ 40 ...
The first advice that Steve had been given by his adoptive father: "When you paint a fence, make sure to paint both sides, even the hidden, to show people that will pass before it that you are a perfectionist who give attention to detail ... "
This is the theory that he has used with its computers.
The book is a most read!
Picture 1: Bernard Bujold with the book ;
Picture 2 and 3: Steve Jobs in his personal office ;
See the interview on CBS - 60 Minutes ;

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