vendredi 21 octobre 2011

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney attends the conference of Mikhail Gorbachev in Montreal

The two former political leaders Mikhail Gorbachev and Brian Mulroney are great friends, but their opinions differ on the fate that was reserved for the dictator Gaddafi. According to Gorbachev, people should not have used much violence to democratize Libya. For his part, Mulroney considers right and proper the violent end of the dictator.
Former prime minister Brian Mulroney has joined the discussion period at the conference of Mikhail Gobatchev presented Friday, October 21, 2011 to members of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.
Earlier this week, Gorbatchev was in Vancouver with Richard Branson.
Photo 1 : Brian Mulroney and Mikhail Gorbachev ;
Photo 2: Mikhail Gorbatchev,
Photo 3: Brian Mulroney, Mikhil Gorbatchev and his translator ;
Photo 4: Mikhail Gorbatchev and Richard Branson ;

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