lundi 4 juin 2012

Léo Bureau-Blouin and his future

Leo Bureau-Blouin said firmly that he never wanted to become the star he has became. He and his group wanted simply to prevent the rise in tuition fees imposed by the provincial government of Jean Charest. He lost the bet on fees but he created an awakening of the spirit of mobilization by Quebecers. He recognizes that this awakening is a great power of accomplishment but only if you know what is intended of. 
Many are now expecting of Leo Bureau-Blouin to embark full time on Quebec politics but how a 20 year old could change the world? He will instead continue his law studies at the University and then he will think the way to help his community. One thing is certain: Leo Bureau Blouin has a unique talent and he is a superior communicator and has a natural spirit for leadership. A future star that will shine in Quebec or elsewhere in the world. 
To be continued ... 
 NOTE: The photos from the album were taken in Montreal (across from Radio-Canada) Sunday, June 3 at a meeting organized by the New Citizen Movement for Quebec. Leo Bureau Blouin was part of the roundtable discussion in which he expressed to the assistance of his journey the past few months as a student leader.
Photo 1:Léo Bureau-Blouin (Photo par Bernard Bujold) ;
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