lundi 4 juin 2012

University Tuition Fees

The debate on tuition fees is a global debate from Chile through California to Quebec. 
The situation of universities in California is attracting much attention as it threatens to have to cut services and close some campus due to lack of funding. The need for adequate funding is essential anywhere in the world. But here in Quebec, a situation that was initially easy to adjust became a state crisis because of a misperception by the Charest government. The reason for the crisis is not tuition, but the authority of the state versus the people's will. A bit like the father who tells his child: "I am the chief and you will obey me ..." 
The question: Who will win the showdown in Quebec? 
Photo 1: University Students;
Photo 2: Campus from Laval University (Quebec) ;
See The New York Times story ;

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