jeudi 23 août 2012

Quebec Election 2012 - Leaders Debate - Pauline Marois against François Legault

 By Bernard Bujold ( - It was a tie between Pauline Marois and François Legault during the last leaders debate but both have shown to have the makings of a prime minister. The two leaders expressed their program well during the debate but never once mentioning Jean Charest ... 
It is obvious that two political philosophies clash: the left Marois and a referendum on sovereignty and the right of Legault with a tightening economic and profitability of the state. 
The media poll next Saturday (Léger et Leger) will give a final assessment of the campaign before the vote on September 4. The key figures to reach for one of the political parties are at least 34% of votes and 63 seats, otherwise it will be a minority government. Stay tuned!
Photo 1 and 2: Pauline Marois and François Legault;
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