jeudi 9 août 2012

Quebec Elections 2012 - A race of two ...

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)
It is clear that the resignation of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois put up the student crisis at the backstage of the Quebec election campaign while the debate is now on integrity. 
Some columnists, including Michael David (Le Devoir), say that Pauline Marois falls behind in the race as she fails to win in front of Francois Legault and Jean Charest. The only winning option would be for Marois to identify herself with the sovereignty and she does not, preferring to talk about integrity, a subject where she will be unable to overcome Legault and his star candidate Jacques Duchesneau. 
Pauline Marois is on the front cover of the magazine L'Actualité and we learn among other things that Bernard Drainville prevented the appointment of Gilles Duceppe as PQ leader while Pauline Marois frequent over 30 hairdressers across Quebec! 
It will have to be seen but more and more the fight looms on two leaders: Charest against Legault. A good fight to finish! 
For its part, Amir Khadir is far behind... 
It remains 25 days of campaigning before the vote on September 4, 2012 and the 4 official debates are scheduled from 19 to 22 August. 
Photo 1: Jean Charest and François Legault;
Photo 2: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois;
Photo 3: Pauline Marois;
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