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The Mayor of Laval - Gilles Vaillancourt

By Bernard Bujold ( -
I have known the mayor of Laval because I worked for a few months at Laval Technopole (early 2000), and previously I worked closely with his office while I was assistant to the president of Quebecor (1991-97) and the company had significant printing plants in this city. I can not blame any financial improprieties to the Mayor with me but I can tell a little story that happened to me personally ... I had began a new job to take care of public relations at Laval Technopole and one of the major suppliers contacted me to invite me to lunch and give me some friendly tips to carry my new role. The lunch went well until the next day, I received a bill for several hundred dollars ($ 1,500) for the advice I had received during the lunch... I not only paid lunch but now Laval Technopole had to pay for discussion. I reported the situation to the Director General at the time, mentioning that it seemed inappropriate and mismanagement to pay such invoice. The director said he agreed with me but I also felt that I disturbed a honeycomb. A few months later I was thanked me for my services after the supplier in question has told me by phone a few days before the announcement, that according to him, the chemistry did not work between me and Laval Technopole and this could lead unfortunately, to my eventual firing... Fortunately for me, I had not moved to Laval and I had as a token in my personal album a picture taken with the Mayor... 
Photo 1: Mayor of Laval Gilles Vaillancourt and Bernard Bujold (2000);
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