mercredi 10 octobre 2012

The power of roses...

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
The flower sellers are sad because it is now inappropriate to offer roses for birthdays... The idea of sending 40 roses to someone for its 40 years is a great idea unless they are sent to a politician, especially if we add tickets for the Centre Bell and a Celine's show. However, anyone who works in public relations knows that in order to succeed you need to seduce and the art of seduction is precisely for this reason. But is it appropriate to seduce? That is the question! The debate cannot be set as the opposite of seduction is oppression and the imposition of its will on the other. For the moment, the trend in the fall will be prudence and one will be hesitant to send roses to its customers and friends for fear of being accused of seduction. Fortunately, my friend the florist of St-Jacques Street in Montreal was already preparing for his annual holiday in the south. When he returns to Montreal next spring, fashion flower gift will be, maybe, the new popular trend. To be continued...
Photo 1: Photo Booth flowers St-Jacques Street in Montreal;
Photo 2: Lodge at the Bell Centre in Montreal;
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