lundi 25 mars 2013

The political champions...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
Philippe Couillard will not change the world but one thing is obvious,  he and Justin Trudeau have momentum reminiscent of the phenomenon Jack Layton. The crowd is captivated! 
The conclusion will probably be the same. Justin will eventually be elected Prime Minister of Canada in a few years and, in the case of Couillard, he will become the next Prime Minister of Quebec in a few months because the current government is a minority and unpopular, which should result in a election soon. 
Nobody will change the world, but the "world" change leaders... 
Politics is like sports and in Quebec, Pauline Marois and Legault are not, obviously, champions. The place is empty and as among sports fans, voters love champions. 
Voters never vote with reason but with emotion. Quebecers knew that Jack would not be Prime Minister of Canada but they liked him, and he was likable. Justin and Philippe are friendly and even if that can not be explained logically, they are attractive. In a sense, people are seeing themselves in the image projected by these two politicians as we often see ourselves in a sport star or a rock star. 
I would say that the explanation is in the "mirage"... 
Stay tuned! 
Photo 1: Jack Layton, Philippe Couillard and Justin Trudeau;
See interview Philippe Couillard ;

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