mardi 22 octobre 2013

MAYOR OF MONTREAL 2013 - The art of seduction...

by Bernard Bujold ( - 
There are a total of 12 candidates who are competing for the seat of Mayor of Montreal which will be given at the election of November 3, 2013. Several debates between the four leading candidates were organized like the one by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (Monday, October 21). To take a look at the four leaders, here is a photographic portrait of the evening at the Board of Trade starring: Mélanie Joly, Denis Coderre, Marcel Côté and Richard Bergeron. And may the best man or woman win! 
Photo 1: City of Montreal;
Photo 2: Mélanie Joly, Denis Coderre, Richard Bergeron and Marcel Côté;
Photo 3 and 4: Mélanie Joly;
See pictures album ;

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