samedi 10 mai 2014

GAB ROY - The power of the Internet ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The Internet is not responsible for the acts ( crimes charges ) arising by Gab Roy, despite what many said. Roy is rather the "victim" of the Internet because it has not followed the rules. If he believed to dominate the Internet, he was wrong because Internet has not only dominated Gab , she simply crushed and destroyed him! The Internet is a tool, nothing more, nothing less, but a very powerful tool as fire. Its use is not only dangerous, it can be fatal if there is negligence ! According to me, there are four basic rules to be followed for the Internet to serve us rather than to destroy us : 

1: INTERNET MESSAGES ARE ETERNAL -  Never forget that the Internet is a public bulletin board that does not clear out because its distribution is electronic, therefore reproducible clone by anyone who consults it and wants to reproduce ; 

2: INTERNET IS PUBLIC -  Whatever you publish on the Internet must reflect the message that you want to transmit to the public. Nothing is private in any way ; 

3: INTERNET IS A MIRAGE -  One should never believe what is published on Internet as the absolute truth. All internet messages reflect the thought and vision of the one who publishes and for this reason, the ideas published may be outside of reality. In addition, because of the electronic (Photoshop, iMovie, etc... ) any message becomes malleable like a movie fiction. 
Of course fiction reflects reality but we must know how to evaluate and especially compare the messages between them to highlight the "real" truth and reality ; 

4: SEPARATION OF PRIVACY AND INTERNET LIFE - Understand that the Internet is like a planet or a city, of universal jurisdiction that does not know the conventional physical limits. The big difference of the Internet is its free accessibility and Virtual constitution without boundaries. In this sense, we can not describe the relationship (friends ) of Facebook true friends. They are virtual links that live on the Internet. 
Personally, I never meet in person the people with whom I communicate on Internet because they are part of my internet world, which is virtual and not real. 

The INTERNET is a great tool if you know how to use it according to the rules and especially if you respect it. The Julian Assange and Edward Snowden understand the Internet and they used it effectively, to help their agenda respective. 
Personally I like to repeat that my social sites are like Personal living room. Of course internet living room, because my real living room is private... 
Have good Fun on the Internet ... 
Photo 1: Mounting Gab Roy Edward Snowden and Julian Assange ;
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