mercredi 7 mai 2014

RADIO CANADA / CBC - It's future...

Bernard Bujold ( ) -
The debate is now launched on who is or is not a " CBC / RADIO-CANADA citizen"... 
It is obvious that Pierre- Karl Peladeau is not a real "CBC citizen" but a " Quebecor " one. 
For me, a true CBC / Radio-Canada citizen is like a Bernard Derome, a Sylvain Lafrance or an Abbé Lanteigne ( CBC Moncton). Unfortunately, all three left ( against their will ) the CBC / RADIO-CANADA... 
In this sense, one might conclude that the CBC from La Belle Epoque no longer exist and it will never exist any more as an organization, because any organization does not exist in itself. An institution or an organization is the reality (the creation) of the people who are part of its every day life! 
CBC / RADIO-CANADA was for me Bernard Derome and his heyday. But I am a realist and I know that nothing lasts forever, and I'm not romantic about the past... 
The future of CBC / RADIO-CANADA will be the one that its employees will, or may able to make depending on the budgets available. 
Stay tuned! 
Photo 1: Bernard Derome;
Photo 2: Sylvain Lafrance ;
Photo 3 : Abbé Lanteigne ;
Photo 4: Pierre Karl Peladeau ;
Photo 5 : Radio- Canada Montreal ;
See website Radio- Canada;

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