samedi 18 octobre 2014


By Bernard Bujold ( - 
People ask me if I support Pierre-Karl Peladeau in his political mission? Many tell me that I should absolutely support him because I was the assistant of his father... 
My answer is not no, neither yes! 
Pierre Peladeau father was a great entrepreneur but not necessarily a great independentist. 
Proof, one of his best friends was Brian Mulroney. René Lévesque was also a great friend of Pierre Peladeau. The founder of Quebecor does not dislike Canada, but he hated specifically Pierre E. Trudeau because he had known him in college. 
Pierre Peladeau's dream was to expand his empire across the country and around the world much like Paul Desmarais, Rupert Murdoch or even Conrad Black in newspapers. He was most proud of his printing plants in place in the United States and France. 
PKP is something else. First he is an heir which is the opposite of his father who was a builder contractor. PKP manages a legacy as a financier. 
Personally, I left Quebecor after his father's death and I never spoke again to PKP directly thereafter. I had kept in touch with her sister Isabelle who recently died in a strange and tragic way. I am neither for nor against PKP although I know him very well, having worked with him for several years, but I'm not his friend in any way. By the way, I know better Julie Snyder. My best woman friend was also the best friend of Julie for almost 20 years... 
Do will I vote for PKP? I will vote for the best candidate running in the next election, according to my convictions. Do PKP is a good politician? According to me PKP was an excellent manager at Quebecor and his strategy to divest from printing to develop VIDEOTRON was brilliant. Is he a good politician? Still according to me, I think the love of politics by PKP is a kind of leisure and he tries his luck as one will do at the lottery. Does can he win? His father had always refused to do active politics and he would not seek government contracts. Too many questions and no freedom of action explained to me the founder of Quebecor! 
To be continued... 
Photo 1: Pierre Peladeau;
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Pierre;
Photo 3: Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Julie Snyder and Jean Neveu;
Photo 4: Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Julie Snyder;
Photo 5: Pierre-Karl Peladeau ;

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