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By Bernard Bujold ( - 
Brebeuf College leaders have fallen flag to the dismissal of Professor Jacqueline Laurent Auger and if they reconfirmed their decision about the dismissal on Monday morning, they changed their mind late Tuesday afternoon (October 21) and they admitted their wrong. The College apologized for unjustified dismissal and offered to resume Jacqueline Laurent Auger. The consequences could have been worse and dramatic because after her dismissal, the professor and artist who is 73 years old had considered suicide because of the injustice she lived. Her reasoning: she was no longer needed on this earth... 
If however there is a hero in this story it is the former journalist and himself an artist, Roger Sylvain. The latter is a kind of public protector of artists whose careers are now out of the limelight but who knew the hours of glory. Congratulations and admiration for his efforts should go to Roger Sylvain. It was through his encouragement and advice that Jacqueline Laurent Auger was defended. Roger was like the guy in the schoolyard who rises to protect and defend the weak than other bully. 
Firing a professor is a small event in itself but this event is an example of abuse and injustice for which a good Samaritan comes to transform the situation. Roger and Jacqueline were also lucky because their story could have, and should have, died early. However, four factors have influenced the opposite outcome: 
1. the many contacts of Roger Sylvain in the media; 
2. important and historic reputation of Brébeuf College in Quebec; 
3. the scattering power of social media; 
4. pure luck that there was few media events during the weekend of October 18 because if the news release of Jacqueline had been issued, for example, the day of a shooting at the Canadian Parliament, attention to Brébeuf would has been nonexistent. 
The personal story of Roger Sylvain is that of an artist and journalist from Quebec who is constantly very passionate! If he is 68 years old, one feel him to be a young first who wants to change the world. His autobiography is exciting and available on the internet. 
A chapter on Brébeuf College will now have to be added!
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Photo 3 and 4: Brebeuf College;

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