vendredi 18 février 2011

Julian Assange and the future of Wikileaks...

Part of the future of Julian Assange will be played next Thursday (February 24) before the Justice in London but the character has already made history.
The journey of the founder of Wikileaks is also reminiscent of that of people like Wael Ghonim or Anderson Cooper. Defenders of freedom of the people beyond the traditional powers.
Several books provide insight into these characters and particular Assange and Cooper. There is a very obvious resemblance between the autobiographies by Julian Assange and Anderson Cooper and the two books are both fascinating and very enlightening. We note in particular that their mother played a significant role in their childhood. Physically, one could almost believe that Assange and Cooper are twins so they have the same face!
Anderson Cooper is a respected journalist who has been proven. What will happen to Julian Assange? To be continued!
Photo1: Julian Assange;
Photo 2: Anderson Cooper by Getty Image for CCN;

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