lundi 28 février 2011

Le Journal de Montréal is dead (1964-2011)

Locked out employees from Le Journal de Montreal have accepted the offer from their employer Quebecor and they voted to return to work. However, on a total of 252 employees initially, only 62 will be recalled, the other being discarded by a protocol of financial compensation. Bernard Bujold known very well Le Journal de Montreal as he was an assistant to the President and founder Pierre Peladeau, from 1991 until his death December 5, 1997.
"In a sense, Le Journal de Montreal will be dead under "torture" inches by inches. It would have been better to apply from both sides (employer & union) the scenario of Gesca - Power Corp., the great competitor of Quebecor and former direct rival of the founder of the Journal de Montréal, Pierre Peladeau. Employees of La Presse had to choose between a radical change of structure or closure but with only a few hours to decide. They chose to pay the claim of kidnappers but they have been spared!
To prolong a conflict for over two years is like killing a prisoner under the slow torture. It's painful agony and screaming! Better to be seriously injured and start his life again then dying unnecessarily. Unfortunately, there is no second chance for a recovery scenario!
Péladeau is probably sad in the other world but he is also concluding that all things in life pass away and it is the same with his Journal de Montréal. He would also add if he was alive: "The adventure at the Journal is a story of the past. It was fun, great fun, but now what's next goal! "
It would also say: "Rue Frontenac is a damn good site and it looks a lot like me..."
Photo 1 and 2: Pierre Péladeau;
Photo 3: Bernard Bujold in Paris (2008)
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