mardi 1 février 2011

The old woman is back...

Former Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, Lise Thibault is back in front of the Justice that will decide whether there is a matter to criminal prosecution against the one who describes herself as "Old lady".
Lise Thibault is accused of defrauding her expense accounts for an amount exceeding $ 700,000 when she was the Queen's official representative in Quebec.
The "old lady" spent too much but what is funny is that people who have benefited from her garden parties and her gifts are the same people who now accuse her and want to stone her...
You should have seen at the time all those (journalists, dignitaries, politicians, ordinary citizens) who were more than proud to attend the Lieutenant-Governor's events.
Perhaps the Tribunal should ask for a refund from all those who have benefited from her generosity!
To be continued ...
Photo: Lise Thibault
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