dimanche 13 mai 2012

The author Michèle Bazin and her new novel ...

The author Michèle Bazin published a novel in which one could make a link with the student crisis and the questioning of the new generation. 
Her book is inspired by the story of some young women trying to rebuild their lives. The narrative is based largely on prostitution but what stands out most is the deep desire for freedom and the youth difficult relationships with their parents. Presumably, students on strike, beyond the nobility of their claims for tuition, have the same questioning about their lives and their search for freedom as any individual. A universal question that often leads to dropping out and poor life choices, whether prostitution or other activities, legitimate or not. Decisions that will come back sometimes haunt people later in life if they are unlucky... 
Michèle Bazin's novel is very well written and very readable and offer more to the readers than the life lessons it contains. The author should make a TV series! 
Photo 1: Michèle Bazin and her book Les Champions de l'amour;
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