jeudi 24 mai 2012

The solution to the conflict of Quebec students: a fishing trip or a call to the superhero Batman ...

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
There is a way of resolving all disputes on the earth when willing to apply it! Just go fishing to reconnect with nature and especially our true nature to everyone. 
The solution to the crisis of Quebec students could therefore reside in a weekend of fishing between Jean Charest, all his ministers, student leaders and maybe even some policemen. According to me the group would come back united as ever and a new friendship would have taken place. If not, well we should resolve then to appeal to the superhero Batman... 
The girl who fishes on the photo above represent the calm in the city but the same city also contains the fire and destruction. The spirit of violence is present in the heart of the city of Montreal as well as the spirit of beauty. There is in the same spirit in all the cities: good and evil, yin and yang, beauty and ugliness, health and disease. Life is one of the two sides which takes over and becomes reality. Darkness or light. A bit like in the movies of Batman...
Photo 1: Fisherman before the city of Montreal;
Photo 2: Batman;
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