mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Claude Benoit, Director of the Old Port of Montreal will leave on February 28...

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
Claude Benoit, Director of the Old Port of Montreal, has finally been officially thanked for her services and she will leave on February 28th. The search for a replacement is officially launched. The spokesman for Canada Lands Company has confirmed the decision by press release today on January 16, 2013. 
Recall that the Old Port of Montreal was dissolved on last November 29, 2012 and it is now the Canada Lands Company which runs the facility. Local director Claude Benoit has been criticized for her spending as a manager and several saw the elimination of local board as an automatic replacement of Madame Benoit, which did not happen. 
Some employees of the Old Port seem to have their own opinion on the subject because during the holidays ( January 2, 2013) while Bernard Bujold ( was walking near the ice rink in the Old Port and as he chatted with attendants on site, the guy on the Zamboni had called Claude Benoit: "F. ......", while his colleague at security added more politely: "Unfortunately, the dictatorship of Madame Benoit is not over, despite what the media reported... " 
Their wish is now realized!
Photo 1: Claude Benoit;
Photos 2 and 3: Old Port of Montreal;
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