lundi 21 janvier 2013

GARAGE WINTER SALE ... or urban stories!

by Bernard Bujold ( - 
To take advantage of the beginning of the new year 2013, a personal woman friend decided to get rid of some furniture that she was storing for many years in a locker downtown Montreal. 
It must be said that in addition to a resolution of the new year, the action was also motivated by increased rental as the supplier has decided to change its billing and applying blocks of 4 weeks rather than monthly blocks . In accounting, it has the direct effect of adding an extra month of income in a year (13 months) and of course, an increase for the tenant... 
A locker costs on average $ 150 per month, totalling almost $ 2,000 per year after the increase. Furniture storage never take enough value to offset the rent, unless it be antiques, which was not the case for objects of my friend. 
That being said, together we decided to organize a virtual garage sale and announce the furniture on a classifieds ads site online. We had a couple of replies to our listings, but either the buyers wanted to negotiate the price down by half; receiving the furniture delivered to their homes; or, in one case, the buyer wanted to visit the home seller... 
The latter is, however, unclear and this may be an individual wanting to spot for home invasion! This individual was interested in the least significant objects, a radio with speaker and at my suggestion (I was acting as a direct liaison with potential buyers) to pick up the radio directly to the storage locker, he suggested rather to come to our residence. I explained to him that all items for sale were in the warehouse and he accepted this procedure. But the next morning he called me to suggest again that he would rather come to our home instead of the storage. While I explained again that it would be easier for him to go to the locker located in the middle of downtown, I added that we would prefer not to receive private home buyers since we do not really know all these people, he finally said that it was too complicated and he declined the purchase... 
A retired policeman friend is convinced that this is probably an organized network of flights home with identification of target areas for action. But do not panic! 
Conclusion: no success with the sales on the internet! My woman friend will make some calls to charities by the end of the lease of 31 January and there is good chance that the Salvation Army will be benefiting of the old furniture... except that radio that she will keep as a souvenir of this garage sale in 2013! 
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