vendredi 11 janvier 2013


by Bernard Bujold ( -
While Jean Charest announced his new role as a lawyer at McCarthy Tetrault, and just days before the beginning of the five public debates between candidates for his succession to take place on 13, 20 and 27 January and 2 February, respectively, in Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau and Rimouski, the journalist Patrick Lagacé of La Presse published a summary of his dinner with three Liberal candidates in the race. Recall that the Liberal convention will be held at Verdun on 16 and 17 of March. There is much to be expected once a new leader in office, that the Liberals will want to quickly overthrow the current government of Pauline Marois and trigger a general election in Quebec. 
To be continued... 
Photo 1: Jean Charest, Pierre Moreau, Philippe Couillard and Raymond Bachand;
See story La Presse
See official website of the Quebec Liberal Party ;

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