mardi 6 juin 2017


By Bernard Bujold - 
Barack Obama came to Montreal... 
I asked myself if I should go to his speech? 
Well, because of my political opinion I would have had to get there incognito... 
But hey! I am a very open person and I like to talk politics. I even had an idea! Why not to offer a gift to Barack. A small red car of the Champion (a Donald Trump toy car...)! 
Finally, I decided that it was more appropriate for me to watch the speech on TV... 
My opinion about it! 
Barack Obama speech was a philosophical overview about the world situation, a look on the past, and on the future. Obama is in favour of a world without real border with immigration open between all nations which is the contrary of the actual US President vision. 
Obama agreed that the world is actually very divided and people are either on the left or right but nobody is in the middle and no one is open to change their view. 
Obama did not mention once Donald Trump by name and his whole speech was more philosophical than political. But it is evident that Obama ideas are totally to the opposite of those of Donald Trump. Obama is a good speaker and one could see during his presentation in Montreal more the former Harvard teacher than the former US President. 
Close to 5,000 persons assisted to the speech which was also available on the french tv networks in Quebec but CNN did not air the event... 

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