lundi 19 juin 2017


By Bernard Bujold -
The businessman Bob Campeau died Monday, June 12, at his residence in Ottawa at the age of 93.  Campeau was a colorful and ambitious entrepreneur who can be categorized as Paul Desmarais, Frank Stronach, and even a Donald Trump. 
Robert Campeau dominated his empire until the day he bet on a scenario of expansion too favorable and then he had to face an uncontrollable rise in interest rates notably after his acquisition of the luxury stores Federated in the United States. 
Bob Campeau first made his mark in the construction of bungalows in the Ottawa area. 
The spouse of Pauline Marois, the former Premier of Quebec, Claude Blanchet, made a fortune following his association with Campeau when he was one of his first executive assistants.
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