mercredi 25 avril 2012

Claude Benoit and the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal / Journalistic investigation on management...

Management of the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal is in hot water. 
A detailed investigation on the management by Director of the Quays of the Old Port, Mrs. Claude Benoit, and qualified controversial and spendthrift was published by the Journal de Montreal and followed by several Canadian media. The direction of the Old Port has issued a statement saying that spending respect the rules of the Federal Ministries. 
This debate on good management occurs at the same time as the Federal government made deep cuts to the budgets in all departments and where the Minister Bev Oda was forced to apologize in the House and reimburse the government personal expenses for her travel paid for by Canadian taxpayers. 
The Quays of the Old Port is a federal agency. 
Full details of the investigation on the Old Port of Montreal are available at bottom of the main article of the Journal of Montreal on the links on the left - mention (À lire aussi). 
To be continued ... 
Photo 1: Claude Benoit (Photo by Eva Blue);
Photo 2: Quays of the Old Port of Montreal;
SEE full report Le Journal de Montreal ;
SEE Thomas Mulcair House of Commons ;
See Restaurant La Scena Old Port of Montréal ;

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