lundi 16 avril 2012

Genevieve Sabourin - Oasis juice - Minister Line Beauchamp - Mark Zuckerberg / THE ART OF SILENCE AND SPEECH...

The art of success in life is the one of knowing when to remain silent and when express his opinion.
-The case of Oasis juice is a good example of a situation where silence will benefit more to the company then a debate for the public popularity. Oasis has made ​​a mistake by attacking a small company in court because of their name and they recognized their mistake and paid. They can never regain their popularity by doing some nice talking but they can continue to sell juice in grocery stores. For OASIS, the silence will be golden... 
-The case of Genevieve Sabourin represent the challenge of finding the good use of a public notoriety capital. This capital will serve in no way to help her career as an actress but it can be exploited if it is targeted to the right product. The challenge is however huge to find this right product but the capital is also very gigantic. 
-The case of Quebec's Minister Line Beauchamp, however, is an example where her presence in the public debate is essential. The article by columnist of La Presse (Patrick Lagacé) expresses very well how the politician should act. 
-Finally, the best example of success between silence and speech is that of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder. His management style and the success of his business is the perfect model for a balanced management of silence and speech. Users criticize him when there are changes in the system but Facebook's users continue to worship this social network which has become a real star of popularity of the modern world! Apple could also be added to the ranks of Facebook with respect of knowing how to manage the silence and speech. Steve Jobs was an ace at management of public image. 
Congratulations to Mark and Steve and good luck to others... 
Photo 1: Oasis Juice, Genevieve Sabourin, Line Beauchamp and Mark Zuckerberg;
Photo 2: Apple Store;
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