mercredi 4 avril 2012

Amir Khadir could be like Jack Layton in the next Quebec provincial election

According to Bernard Bujold ( "If I was a political strategist as in my good old days... I would say there is on the table all the elements to allow an election victory with the winner... Amir Khadir! 
Indeed, the scenario by late Jack Layton is also handy if Amir Khadir wants to put it forward. In the election of May 2011, Quebecers did not want to vote for the incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper nor for the official opposition as represented by Gilles Duceppe. So they voted for a candidate not significant to show their discontent. Surprise, this candidate has won a high scoring total. If Amir Khadir take advantage of the student demonstrations and associate himself with the latter presenting a student candidate in each riding in Quebec, it may change the result and he could end up like Jack Layton at the top of the Official Opposition, in his cas at the National Assembly. 
The question which remains, who would benefit such a division of the vote (be the next Prime Minister) in an election which is rumored to be held on next 11 June. To be continued. "
Photo 1: Amir Khadir and Jack Layton;
Photo 2: Park Plains of Abraham in Quebec City;
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