lundi 2 juillet 2012

Anderson Cooper is gay...

After many years not telling because of his public career as a journalist, Anderson Cooper is now confirming that he is gay. In reaction, Bernard Bujold ( said: "I am not in any way gay but I love this guy. He is the greatest journalist in America that I watch every night on CNN. So gay or not, I will still be watching his stories with great interest... 
I would add however that I am personally extremely attracted to the style of the Anderson's co-host: Isha Sesay. She is exactly my style of woman and I would ask her in marriage any time without any hesitation ... " 
For the fans of Anderson, everyone must read his autobiography: Dispatches from the edge. A great book about journalism and also about life.
Photo 1 and 2: Anderson Cooper;
Photo 3: Anderson cooper, Cover of his autobiography, Isha Sesay ;
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